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Health Band

Professional technology for precise heart monitoring and safeguarding your health

Measurement of circulation index

  • The innovative, trustworthy algorithm of amor H2 helps you measure your blood circulation status
  • The only model converting the circulation status into indexed data for easier monitoring of personal health
  • The circulatory index reflects your exercise efficiency, sleep quality, and stress in life/work
  • The circulatory index increases with age, while regular exercise effectively reduces the index
  • amor H2 provides individualized exercise suggestions based on your circulation status to maximize your exercise efficiency and health

Measurement of fatigue index

  • The trustworthy, innovative amor H2 converts your fatigue into an index
  • The amor H2 applies PPG optic heartbeat monitor and unique analytical algorithm to obtain precise measurements
  • It takes only 30 seconds to obtain a complete fatigue index report
  • amor H2 gives relax and rest reminders to ensure you have a healthy life

Personalized AI health management

  • amor H2 incorporates AI-based data analysis technology to realize your individualized health management
  • amor H2 defines your exercise goals tailored to your age and physiological value, making you live a healthy lifestyle easily
  • amor H2 trends and analyzes your physiological value, and prepares daily, weekly and monthly report for your reference

Sleep quality analysis

amor H2 automatically records your sleep pattern and generates sleep quality report

Provides suggestions on improving your sleep quality

Wake up in the morning
Sleep analysis report

David had financial concerns and felt he didn't sleep well when he woke up in the morning. He accessed H2 application to check sleep analysis report and circulation status.

Aerobic exercise
Activity time monitoring

Jennifer decided to follow H2's suggestion and went to the park for exercise. From another measurement taken an hour later, she found her circulatory status had improved and that the activity level goal has been achieved.

Walking record

As his circulation improved, David gladly walked to work and used H2 for registering the number of steps taken to the office.

Arriving at the office
Heart rate measurement

David walked faster to avoid being late, and found the heart rate value increased.

Office hours
Reminder for extended sitting/circulation measurement

H2 sent an extended sitting notice as David sat for quite a while for defining company revenue, his office duty.

Stretch exercise
Circulation index

David did some simple exercises during his break time and found that his circulation improved.

Meeting session
Fatigue measurement

David attended three meetings in the afternoon and felt very tired. He took a measurement and found that the H2 showed he was too fatigued.

Rest for a while
Fatigue index

After the meeting, David decided to take a break and left the office for a walk. He felt less fatigued after half an hour.

After work
Suggested amount of exercise

David accessed the H2 application when it was about the end of workday. H2 provided suggestions on the amount of exercise and he decided to do some speed walking after work.

Speed walking
Activity level monitoring

David completed the goal of 8 kilometers and checked H2 for activity level, the application told him the exercise goal of the day was achieved.

Water- and dust-proof

Jennifer washed her hands after arriving home. H2 has IP67 Water- and dust-proof classification, it can be worn when washing hands

*Avoid wearing H2 during diving , swimming, or showering
Leisure time
AI analysis report

Before the time to bed, Jennifer was listening to music and checked her weekly physiological record from H2's AI analysis feature.

Time for bed
Sleep monitoring

Jennifer wore H2 as she went to bed. She decided to take 8 hours of restful sleep and expected the report of better sleep quality next morning.

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Friendly reminder :
The index data provided by this product can only
be used for personal health management and exercise reference.
It cannot be used as medical data.